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About Tami

Your light is a beautiful expression of the Universe 


I grew up in a small town in North Dakota. 

In my earliest memories, I have had countless experiences of enhanced intuition, encounters with those I affectionately call "Star Family, " beings from places within our Galaxy and beyond and with our beloved Angels and Ascended Masters.  Our Star Families, Angels & Ascended Master guides have shown me that we are more than the physical body, we are a Soul having a human experience. And within this we have had multiple lives on our current Earth and within the Galaxies. 

In 2008 I chose to embrace the light within me and studied Reiki, LaHo-Chi, Meditation and Channeling. What a beautiful journey this has opened to "seeing" all that exists within and around us. We are light, frequency and all ONE in this vast Universe. I look forward to sharing this incredible journey with you. 


My Story 


I moved to Arizona for the 2nd time in 2001.

I was guided by my "guides" to take Reiki Classes and had the incredible experience of "seeing" an Angel glide across a table when I went in to sit down for my first class. I kept hearing "Do it everyday, it will make you stronger." I learned our chakras are muscles too and the more we use them, the stronger our intuition becomes. 

I was then guided to take LaHo-Chi.

Having had several incredible visits by Mother Mary since my late teen years, this class spoke to my Heart & Soul. To feel Mother Mary's light and presence directly is the most peaceful, flowing feeling of love.


Oh my, this was hard for me. To slow down my brain going a million miles a moment. I learned to let all the thoughts flow and the more I trained, the greater my intuition expanded. I learned we all at our core are intuitive and have access to all the "Clairs" with practice.

Do it everyday! It makes you stronger!


Every moment we just "know" something we are channeling. 

Once I took the time to think of all the things I just "knew", I realized that channeling is as much a part of us as breathing. While in Reiki & LaHo-Chi sessions I "saw" Angels, Ascended Masters of all religious belief systems, beings from Pleiades, Andromeda, Arcturus, Antares, Lyra, Casseopia, Sirius and many more from multiple universes and galaxies unknown in this time.

The one thing they all have in common is their incredible love for us.   

~Be the change you want to see in the world~



Welcome to Ascension Within


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